Prince William Sound

Looking-north-toward-CulrosLocated a short 1 hour drive from Anchorage, Whittier is the western gateway into Prince William Sound where opportunities for new adventures are tremendous.

While visiting Whittier on Prince William Sound you may want to spend the night at one of our comfortable hotels or bed and breakfasts.   Forest Service cabins also offer groups a truly unique wilderness experience. Sea kayaks are also adventurous ways to see the Sound…up close.

Communities around the Sound include Whittier, Valdez, Cordova and the native communities of Tatitlek and Chenega. There are also some private lodges and residences around the Sound, along with 5 hatcheries and several oyster farms.

Words alone cannot begin to describe the serenity and rugged beauty of Prince William Sound. To truly appreciate this special area of Alaska, please come and see it for yourself.

Another successful day on the waterThe Sound is a truly special place.  Prince William Sound is complete with an interesting history and lots of attractions. It is the home of varied wildlife, including eagles, sea otters, sea birds, whales, otters, Dall porpoise, other sea mammals and fish. Runs of salmon include coho, sockeye, pinks, chums and occasional kings. Fishing also includes catches of halibut, many varieties of rockfish, pacific cod, ling cod and other species. Land based animals include black and brown bear, mountain goats and deer. Occasional moose sightings occur when traveling the road system to Whittier.  All offer visitors many opportunities for Photography.

Panoramic vistas captivate both the imagination and the heart. Several types of glaciers dot the area, some of which calve into the surrounding tidewaters. These not only trigger a sense of awe, but offer opportunities to pick up pieces of glacial ice in the surrounding waters.

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