Prince William Sound Eco-Charters

The Best Charter For Whitter Alaska Adventures
Custom-built Eye of the Storm


Our goal is to make our customers’ time with us productive and enjoyable. We live in Whittier, are a locally owned charter business and know Prince William Sound. The captain/owner is an expert on Alaskan weather (including a great 35+ year career with the National Weather Service).  Our Boat, the “Eye of the Storm”, is one of the most comfortable and safe Charter Boats in Whittier.  It was custom built for the Sound and is both fast and comfortable.  With its advanced electronics and seasoned captain, your trip will be one to remember for a long time. Our Charters do fill up early in the season, so please contact us and we will do our best to fit you into our 2018 schedule.

The Eye of the Storm
Huge Alaskan Chinook In Prince William Sound

If you’re interested in fishing for salmon…we can help. We offer charters customized to your group’s interests and time frames. Prince William Sound supports 5 species of salmon…chinook (kings, blackmouth, etc.), coho (silvers), sockeye (reds), chum (dogs) and pink (humpies).

While kings and reds are highly prized for their taste and abundance of healthy fat, their catch numbers in the recreational fishery pale in comparison to silvers.  This is mostly due to the aggressive feeding nature of the coho and their tendency to hit a variety of baits and artificial lures.  It’s not unusual to see these strong, fighting fish become airborne in their fight to complete their life-cycle goal, and reflect a few seconds of bright silver to those watching.  Time-wise, silvers typically move into the ocean entrances of  Prince William Sound in June.  Catches of these salmon, closer to Whittier, usually start in the first part of July, building significantly in the Sound in July and early August, then tapering off in September.  Interestingly, runs close in to Whittier are normally some of the latest in the Sound with fresh fish still caught into October.

Prince William Sound Is Beautiful



If you’re planning a visit to Whittier, Alaska, and the surrounding area…and are interested in sightseeing or general on-the-water transportation…we can help. We offer both scheduled charters and specially-tailored charters that are customized to your group’s interests and time frames.

For those new to Whittier, or for those wishing to experience a short, on-the-water experience, our Passage Canal trip of less than 2 hours may be just the ticket.  You will not only see Whittier, the surrounding area and its inhabitants (including wildlife) from a different perspective, but hear a bit about Whittier’s history, it’s present state, and it’s potential future.  Additionally, as weather and time permit, we will utilize our underwater camera to give a unique perspective of life ‘under the water’!



Whittier Alaska On-the-Water Adventures

off our Charter Boat “Eye of the Storm”, will be one of your most memorable trips ever.  Captain Dave and his deckhand work hard to make your day around Prince William Sound both productive and enjoyable.  Occasional use of the underwater camera allows a close up view of what’s really ‘down there’! Originating in the quaint town of Whittier Alaska, just an hour drive from Anchorage, you will be mesmerized by the beauty of the Prince William Sound.  It is home to hundreds of species of birds, aquatic life, and mammals. A Whittier Alaska On-the-Water Adventure is something you or your friends and family don’t want to miss.